Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories, The


More than 100 of the best, most thrilling accounts of hauntings from the Mountain State from one of the nation’s leading experts, including…

  • Headless ghosts and wandering soldiers at Droop Mountain
  • The Weeping Woman tombstone at Riverview Cemetery in Parkersburg
  • John Brown’s restless spirit in Harpers Ferry and Charles Town
  • The violent ghosts at the Western State Penitentiary in Moundsville
  • Hauntings of the murdered Mamie Thurman
  • Tortured spirits of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston”There are few names in the field of paranormal research as prestigious as Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories is a fantastic collection of the Mountain State’s ghostlore. Guiley takes readers into the legends and the phenomena like no one else can. She puts new perspective on the stories you knew and digs up new ghosts still waiting to be discovered by the masses.”

    –Jeff Belanger, author of The World’s Most Haunted Places and host of 30 Odd Minutes

    “Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s latest book leads you on a phantasmagorical passage through the mountains and valleys of the state. From the earliest specters spawned by George Washington’s family to the ghosts presaging the bloody Civil War in Harpers Ferry to the still-perturbed spirits of the Hatfields and McCoys, she casts a wide web over the small state. Entertaining, enticing, and totally enjoyable, The Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories is a worthy addition to her writings on the paranormal.”

    –Mark Nesbitt, author of Civil War Ghost Trails and The Ghosts of Gettysburg series